The amazing world of Cherry Bridge Station

The amazing world of Cherry Bridge Station

Cherry Bridge Station is not just a brand name, it is also a place. A fictional destination that has been artfully crafted by our skilled team of creative writers and artists.

Globally, every Cherry Bridge Station Learning Centre features the same friendly and familiar faces – The trains, staff and communities that thrive in and around this bustling little place.

Through the development of characters who children can identify with, Cherry Bridge Station has become a place of imagination and awe. They can read and learn from our storybooks and animations, and as they stand on the various platforms of education, they prepare to take wondrous journeys.

Everyone is welcome at a Cherry Bridge Station Centre and the strong sense of community and well-being is inspirational. Love and laughter never fails to fill the grand concourse, which derives its appearance and design from the established iconic British feel and the very distinctive former train and train station theme.

To us, Cherry Bridge Station is more than a magical railway stop. It is the start of every adventure and it is at the heart of a quest for growth, expression and acceptance.

There is a non-stop stream of creative learning fun at our Cherry Bridge Station Early Learning Centres. Inspired by the authentic age of steam trains and the lovely old railways of a bygone era, children and their parents can revel in the splendour of the grand old platforms and ambient concourse of Cherry Bridge Station.

Families will also meet such friendly and quintessential characters as Stanley the Stationmaster and Percy the Porter, our three remarkable children named Brilliance, Brava and Erian, and many more fun personalities who capture the excitement of education.

At the heart of Cherry Bridge Station is the provision of exceptional learning environments that fully embrace the highly legislated educational standards set out in the Early Years Learning Framework.

Meet our characters

Platform 1 – Krynn the Steam Train. Krynn is a female name of British origin meaning caring.

Platform 2 – Zhi the Steam Train. Zhi is a male or female name of Chinese origin meaning wisdom/knowledge.

Platform 3 – Aamina the steam train. Aamina is a female name of Arabic origin meaning safe/ secure.

Platform 4 – Aarogya the bio diesel train. Aarogya is a male name of Indian heritage meaning healthy.

Platform 5 – Tanoshimu the Bullet Train. Tanoshimu is a Japanese word meaning to have fun.

From left to right, top to bottom:

Percy the Porter, Stationmaster Stanley, Karen (Cherry Tree Canteen owner), Steph the Signalwoman, The Ticketmaster, Phillipa the First Aid Officer, Brilliance, Erian and last but by no means least, Brava.

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