How to turn ‘cute and chubby’ into a thriving franchise

How to turn ‘cute and chubby’ into a thriving franchise

When Whitney Houston sang: “I believe the children are our future”, she probably wasn’t thinking about a career in childcare, or worrying about spaghetti-stained dresses and handbags filled with baby wipes.

But she was right, children really are the future.

There’s absolutely no doubt that turning two into three (or four or five) completely changes your life in all sorts of ways, not to mention your career. Perhaps you managed to find a great childcare centre and returned to work with ease. Or maybe, like many, you decided not to return to work because you wanted to spend time with your kids during those precious first years.

Either way, I am sure everyone would agree that having children requires a whole new way of working, thinking and earning.

But children don’t have to be a drain on your income, or a roadblock on your career path. In fact, amidst all the chaos, mess and stress, children have been the inspiration behind many great business ideas, giving power to the rise of the ‘mumpreneur’– a term used to describe successful business women who have found new ways to be ‘working mums’ on their own terms and in their own time.


Want to make children your business?

Many people have considered starting a childcare business. After all, you could save money on childcare fees and kids are fun! Who wouldn’t like to work with them all day?

But owning a childcare business involves more than just supervising children in the sandpit, and limiting the number of objects forced into noses and ears. Your temperament, organisational skills,patience and ability to work well with a range of different children are just a few things you need to consider.

And then there’s the business side of things.

As you can imagine, running a childcare centre and taking legal responsibility for children on your premises requires more than just good parenting skills. Your passion for kids must be matched with solid business acumen and people skills that allow you to integrate with the local community, while being willing to take a hands-on management approach within the business.

It’s quite the journey, but not one you need to do alone.


Be part of Australia’s number one childcare franchise

Kids Korner is owned by parents like you, who love their kids and want to make sure they get the best start in life with quality childcare. Since first opening in Bargo, southwest of Sydney, in 2005,the business has quickly grown into Australia’s number one childcare franchise.

Today, Kids Korner is responsible for the care and early learning of more than 4000 children across Australia, and is committed to helping other businesses grow in the same way. So if you enjoy working with children as much as a fast-paced business environment, and you fancy yourself as the next mumpreneur (or dadpreneur), click the link below to learn more about Kids Korner and why it is Australia’s most trusted childcare franchise.